• About Us

    Hi there! We are Todd and Sarah Scalf, owners of Sarah James Boutique. After years of entrepreneurial dreams in Todd’s heart , and aspirations of owning and running a boutique in Sarah’s, we are so blessed to see those two dreams blend into one reality with this boutique. Our passion and motivation for opening this boutique is to be able to provide trendy, quality clothing, as well as build a culture of love and family that helps all of our incredible customers find their true style, and gain or maintain complete confidence in who they are. We launched our boutique at the end of 2022 and were strictly online at first, but we are so excited that just a few months later we were able to open our first physical brick and mortar store in February of 2023. One of our biggest desires is not just to simply sell quality products, but to really get to connect with our customers in a special way. So whether it be through our live sales, getting to physically shop with you in our store, or through interaction on any of our social platforms, we can’t wait to add you to our circle of people and serve all of your fashion needs.  Lastly, as we end this brief introduction it’s so important to us that you know that every single time you support our boutique, you’re supporting some really big dreams for our family, and allowing us to chase after everything we’ve ever wanted to see in our future, and for that we can’t thank you enough. May you be deeply blessed! 

    -The Scalfs